Common Cause and New Direction

A Community Adjustment Committee recently developed a plan our City is using as a guideline to grow our population and expand opportunities for our citizens over the next two decades. The plan is rooted in four pillars (economic growth and diversity, social equity, cultural vitality and environmental sustainability) and it offers an honest and real look at the challenges facing our city. The plan is offered as the common cause and new direction, but not the final prescription. It is a starting point that will inform key decisions for decades to come.

Developing a Path Forward to Growth

Action is required now to cultivate a more diversified community, create opportunities and improve the quality of life for residents who call Sault Ste. Marie home. The primary goal of the Sault Network is employing the expertise of former Saultites to accomplish our goals. Visitors to this website are encouraged to fill out a question/answer form and register for our network, in an effort to help us determine how we can use your knowledge for the betterment of the city.

#HeyYouFromTheSoo, now is the time to create the future Sault Ste. Marie

Significant work is needed to foster a prosperous future for our city. Efforts are underway, and the Sault Network is a communications tool to inform members about ongoing initiatives. Engagement of former Saultites is encouraged and beneficial to the overall progression of our goals. Members of the Sault Network have an opportunity to leave a meaningful impact on Sault Ste. Marie.